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Life is too short to spend it being embarrassed by your smile. Discover your options today!

Dentures in Bowral

Daunted by the thought of getting full or partial dentures? Don't be. At The Denture Studio in Bowral, our attention to detail and high-precision techniques allow us to create a natural looking smile you can be proud of. Our custom-made dentures are made on-site by our dental prosthetist, Matt Arnull. Life is too short to be afraid to smile. Discover your options today.
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Full Dentures

Dentures offer a natural looking and affordable solution to missing teeth or underperforming teeth—boosting your confidence and enhancing your health.
Book a consultation today.
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Partial Dentures

Only missing a few teeth?
Partial dentures can be an affordable, natural looking choice. We have multiple options so book a consultation today.
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Do you find you avoid certain foods? Have sore gums? Or are afraid to sneeze for fear your dentures will fall? Contact Us now for further information or to book a consultation.
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Denture Repairs

Snapped, cracked or chipped dentures? Using commercial glues to fix broken dentures can be hazardous to your health. For same-day repairs, so you're not left without your smile for too long, call or drop in today.
mouthguards | The denture studio
When you're playing contact sports or outdoor activities your teeth are at risk, A Jaw Gear mouthguard is custom-made for you for optimal comfort and performance, so you can sink your teeth in. Click here to read more.