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We are dedicated to creating you the most natural-looking, quality dentures in the Southern Highlands with options for the budget-conscious. To discover how you can learn to smile with confidence again, talk to our friendly team at The Denture Studio

Custom-Made Dentures

All our full and partial dentures are made using high-quality materials to ensure our patients leave happy with their smile and denture performance.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic is the most common and affordable denture material. Both full and partial dentures can be made of acrylic and they are often simple to repair or add teeth too. Temporary acrylic dentures can be made quickly to avoid a toothless grin while waiting for implants.

Flexible Dentures

We have flexible denture options available for those cases that require an exceptional aesthetic result (usually front teeth) or if you continually break your dentures.

Cast Alloy Dentures

Cast alloy dentures framework are constructed from cast alloy for exceptional strength and durability. Due to the strength of cast alloy, a thinner design is possible making it more comfortable. We also have aesthetic clasping options, so you don't see metal in your smile.