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Dentist — The Denture Studio in Bowral, NSW

About Us

The Denture Studio in Bowral is the perfect place for nervous patients. From the minute you open the door, you'll be welcomed and made to feel at ease. Whether you're undergoing a first-time consultation for a full denture or partial plate, our gentle dental prosthetist will take you through each stage of the denture-fitting process and answer any questions you may have.

Our head dental prosthetist, Matt Arnull has more than 7 years experience recreating smiles and continues to regularly upskill making sure his team stay up-to-date with the very latest technology and techniques. Our Bowral denture studio also provides relines, repairs and Jaw Gear custom-made mouthguards—the professional choice for contact sports mouthguards. Don't compromise on comfort. When you think mouthguards, buy Jaw Gear.

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